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Free Shipping on all UK orders over £50
Collectable Bears and Characters - Charlie Bears Stockist

Collectable Bears and Characters - Charlie Bears Stockist

Charlie Bears are gorgeous collectable teddy bears that are hand-made in Cornwall, England.

Each Charlie Bear is unique, and the bears range from traditional teddy bears to colourful magical characters. Our collection of Charlie Bears is hugely popular with our customers and many return time and time again to choose their favourite bear.

Why are Charlie Bears so popular?

Charlie Bears are collectable bears that are adored by adults and children alike. They are a beautiful birthday gift, a thoughtful Christmas present, and a lovely way to commemorate a special occasion.


All of our Charlie Bears are hand picked by our team, and our stock is constantly updating with each new Charlie Bear collection. From the soft Plush Collection, to the Bearhouse Collection and Clock Tower Collection, we love seeing the differences between each new release.

Charlie Bears are designed to be affordable collectable bears that will suit every budget, so whether you’re looking for small Charlie Bears to give as gifts, or you’d like to buy a larger bear for a family member, you’ll have plenty of choice on our website. 

How did Charlie Bears begin?

Charlie Bears began in 2006, and has grown in popularity ever since.

The brand was created by husband and wife team Charlotte and William who are known to fans of Charlie Bears as Charlie and Will. As a family run business ourselves, we know how much love and energy goes into a brand like Charlie Bears, and we are really pleased that Maple is on the list of Charlie Bears stockists.

Charlie Bear founder
Charlie Bears has become a global phenomenon, with collectors in countries across the world. Between 200 and 250 new designs are released every year and the world of Charlie Bears continues to gain new members. All collections are designed using ideas from Charlie herself, as well as ideas sent in from Charlie Bears collectors.

Which is the best Charlie Bear to buy?

One of the wonderful things about Charlie Bears is the extensive choice. From traditional looking bears like the Charlie Bear Grandad from the 2022 Plush Collection, to the more unique Swish Charlie Bear from the 2023 Clock Tower Collection, the bear you buy is entirely up to you.

Charlie Bear miranda

With so many bears to choose from, everyone can find a bear that’s ‘just right’. As you scroll through our Charlie Bears collection, you might be drawn to one bear in particular, or you might find that a certain bear reminds you of someone special - however you pick your favourites, we know the hardest part will be deciding which one to buy first.

The hand embroidered soft animals come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and a rainbow of different colours. 

Find your favourite Charlie Bears bear

Charlie Bears are known as the ‘bears with personalities’ and it’s easy to see why! From a knowing tilt of the head, to a particularly fluffy head of hair, each enchanting and collectable bear has its own story that’s just waiting to be told.

We have a huge range of Charlie Bears on our website, and when new collections are released they are available to pre-order from our website. If you’re waiting for a particular bear, please give us a ring and we’ll be happy to let you know when they’ll be available.

Soft Toys at Maple

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Browse our range of soft toys today and discover why Charlie Bears are so special.

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