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Free Shipping on all UK orders over £50 | 20% OFF ALL MENS AND WOMENSWEAR (sale items not included) USE CODE CLOTHING20 AT CHECKOUT
Free Shipping on all UK orders over £50 | 20% OFF ALL MENS AND WOMENSWEAR (sale items not included) USE CODE CLOTHING20 AT CHECKOUT

Women's Dresses & Skirts

For most women, buying dresses in-store can be a hassle, as they may not have your size in stock, or you may not have the time to wait in queues. So, if you are looking for a dress or skirt to wear out for a night on the town with friends on a date, or if you want to buy a new work wardrobe, look here at Maple Gifts.

 We have a range of dresses and skirts here, making you stand out on any occasion. We offer bold printed dresses and skirts, plainer options for the workplace, and a wide range of party dresses. When you choose a skirt or dress, we know that quality is important, and we stock many brand-name dresses and skirts to help you choose the perfect dress for you without the hassle of incessant scrolling. So, have a look through our site and find your ideal dress and/or skirt today!

What Type of Skirt is The Most Flattering?

This will depend entirely on your natural shape and how you wear the skirt! We have many women's skirts here that have a range of best fits for different body types, with pencil skirts being more suited for hourglass shapes and midi skirts. Some of the other women's skirts that we sell include denim skirts (that look good on almost all shapes, as do black skirts). Forget what Barbie said- it is black, not pink, that goes with everything! We also have pleated skirts that match any body shape and match perfectly with most other casual items of women's clothing

Remember, ladies, the accessories also make or break the outfit you are wearing, so when you look through our women's skirts, check your wardrobe for coats and tops. Look at our women's coats and jackets if you don't have any matches. We have a wide range of these clothes too, which can dress up even the most basic skirt, and turn any outfit from day wear to evening wear. 

What Are The Best Dresses For Daily Use?

OK, so when you are looking through women's dresses for everyday wear, you want to avoid the party dresses- they are for parties, obviously! We have a collection of women dresses that are ideal for wearing to the office or even for meeting friends for a coffee at midday. These include midi dresses, but women's dresses that can be worn every day also tend to do best if they are made of breathable materials like cotton and bamboo. This will allow you to go from the office, out to lunch, and then back to work without breaking a sweat and looking great at the same time. 

There is a bit of a vaguer rule when it comes to wearing dresses and skirts that are based on your body shape, but this tends to apply to women who party hard or have job roles like Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada. Most women dresses and skirts for everyday use look great on any body shape, so just get the one that is your fave colour and work it!