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Free Shipping on all UK orders over £50

Chocolate Liqueurs

Chocolate and liqueur: a combination that will never grow old. For the more sophisticated tastebuds out there, we have an incredible selection of chocolate liqueurs, blending the most delicious flavours to create a mouthwatering taste you’ll want to last and last. From boxes of chocolate cherry liqueur to selections of smoky whisky chocolate liqueurs, there are chocolate and alcohol combinations to suit all palates.

Each chocolate has something unique to offer and uses only high-quality cocoa, and when quality chocolate fuses with the rich taste of liqueur, it pleases even the best chocolate connoisseurs. Bite into one of the chocolate bars or pop a chocolate into your mouth, and let the hand-picked flavours do the work to delight your senses. You’ll find a great combination of chocolates here to do just that with, using the taste of whisky, Guinness, espresso martinis, baileys, and much more to create a sensation you can find nowhere else. Whether for yourself or a lucky loved one, they are sure to go down as an absolute treat!

Chocolate Liqueur Gifts

Chocolate makes a good gift, but chocolate liqueurs are even more special. They are for more mature tastebuds – those who appreciate the finer things in life. Perhaps you have a grandfather who gets excited when the sight of liqueur chocolates appears on Christmas day or a friend who has yet to experience the best of chocolate pairings (but definitely should!); either way, these chocolate liqueur gifts are perfect.

So, when are the best occasions for chocolate liqueurs? Christmas, of course! Christmas is when the luxury chocolate boxes come out, ensuring everyone can experience the finer things in life during such a jolly holiday. We even have chocolate liqueurs specifically for the winter season, such as the Festive Cocktail Advent Calendar! With this, you can experience the delights of chocolate liqueurs every day during the month of December.

Of course, there are plenty of other great occasions for chocolate liqueurs. Chocolate filled with single malt whisky would make a perfect birthday present for your dad who loves the finer things in life. There’s also the Baileys Easter Sundae Milk Chocolate Egg for adults to enjoy during Easter while the little ones are having fun with their own alcohol-free chocolate!

One thing you can be sure of from all of the liqueur chocolates here is that they are of the highest quality. We stock only the best, including the delectable Anthon Berg chocolate liqueurs, offering a smooth taste with rich flavours. The Anthon Berg chocolate liqueurs with 12 pieces is a particular standout for gift giving! For a chocolate liqueur perfect for buying for yourself and biting into, the selection of GoldKenn bars is perfect. The GoldKenn Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Liqueur Chocolate Bar is an absolute treat, combining the sweetness of honey with the darker tastes of chocolate and Jack Daniels.

Browse our broad range of delicious chocolate liqueurs today to find exactly what you’re looking for, whether that’s dark chocolate soaked in Kirsch or a gift box full of your loved one’s favourite cherry liqueur chocolates. We have lots of chocolate confectionary to choose from, so you are sure to find the ideal present for someone else – or something to treat yourself!