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Free Shipping on all UK orders over £50
Free Shipping on all UK orders over £50

Women's Coats & Jackets

Are you looking for the perfect winter coat? Or are you more eager to get started on your spring or summer collection? Regardless, when you come to Maple Gifts, we will have your ideal coats and/ or jackets. 

Our website is full of the most fashionable coats and jackets, as we stock brands from Seasalt to Crew Clothing. You even have the option to search our site based on your preferred brand and budget, meaning a quick and simple search! We also typically stock sizes 10-18, so whatever your size, you can find a perfect fit with our site!

If you have concerns about buying a coat or jacket online, don't worry! Our team at Maple Gifts is happy to replace items that don't fit and will work with you to find your perfect size. So, feel free to browse our collection of coats and jackets here!

How to Measure Women's Coat Size

As you may have guessed, when it comes to measuring your coat size, it will typically differ based on the type of coat you are buying. This means that if you are wanting to buy a trench coat, it will have different measurement requirements than a puffer jacket. The latter will need to be measured from the armpit to the floor or from the hips down, whereas a puffer will usually have standard measurements. 

Starting with the basics, when you are buying women coats jackets, you should start by measuring your bust, around the fullest part, your waist, and your hips. The hips are usually 20cm down from your waistline, though this may differ. If you are buying women jackets, such as bomber jackets, you won't need to measure the hips. Suppose you are looking into buying women coats, like a winter coat, which may be longer. The hips and even the leg length may need to be included. Remember, sizing and length for most trench and winter coats are based on the average height of a woman, which is 5 ft 4. So, if you are shorter or taller than this, you may find that the coat you bought may not fit as well! Hence, you need to check for the leg length for a longer coat. 

There is a bit of a fuzzy middle ground when you are buying quilted jackets; they are women jackets, but they are thick and may be longer, making them more like women coats. You will need to measure your chest and hips, but as these coats and jackets are usually looser-fitting, you can often leave out the waist. Some new women's clothing brands would even suggest when you are buying a quilted jacket that, you take your standard coat size and then go to the next size up, as this will allow you to comfortably accommodate extra layers. 

Much like buying women's dresses and skirts online, when buying any kind of coat or jacket from our site at Maple Gifts, please check the sizing guidelines.