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Free Shipping on all UK orders over £50
Beautiful chocolates handmade in Wales.

Welsh Chocolates

The taste of local chocolate is unparalleled. Introducing Welsh Chocolates – luxury chocolate made in Wales using only the highest quality ingredients and made by the most talented Welsh chocolatiers. These make the perfect gift for someone you love in Wales, especially during Welsh festivities like St David’s Day and The National Eisteddfod!

The range of Welsh chocolate is simply divine. Whether buying for a little one or your grandmother, you will find the perfect chocolate to make them happy. This collection of handmade Welsh Chocolates includes novelty-shaped chocolate like the Giant Chocolate Sheep (perfect for kids!), as well as chocolate shaped into plaques of the Welsh dragon. When celebrating your Welsh heritage, there is no better way to do so than diving into such delicious chocolate lollipops, bars, and boxes. Shop the range today and find the perfect Welsh chocolate gifts for your Welsh relatives and friends.

Welsh Chocolate Gifts

There are many great occasions to gift Welsh chocolate. Chocolate is something to be shared, making it the perfect gift many times throughout the year. Send the Welsh Sayings chocolate bar to a friend, and they are sure to love the Welsh touch alongside the delicious chocolatey taste.

Christmas is undeniably a great time to send chocolate, and these Welsh chocolate Christmas gifts are perfect for just that. Whether filling a stocking, chocolate hamper, or a gift for under the tree, a chocolate animals treat like Del the Dragon is perfect for your Welsh relatives. While particularly adored by children, this Welsh chocolate is loved by people of all ages. Of course, there are plenty of Welsh-only festivities that make Welsh chocolates even more appropriate, such as St David’s Day. For that special someone in your life, the Welsh Chocolate Large Love Spoon is sure to make your recipient’s heart flutter.

The National Eisteddfod is another fun occasion to make the most of Welsh chocolate! This summer festival celebrates the beauty of the Welsh language and culture, so it only makes sense to gift chocolate that has been made in Wales. The Welsh Dialect Milk Chocolate Bar is a particularly great gift for this festival, with popular phrases in English translated into Welsh on the packaging! You can also find a chocolate box like Milk Chocolate Memories of Wales to fit in with the festivities.

It’s not just the look of these brilliant handmade Welsh chocolates that make them stand out from the crowd – it’s also the delectable taste. You can find many types of Welch chocolate to suit your preferences, including sea salt caramel, dark chocolate, orange chocolate, and even chocolate shortbread. The fact that it’s handmade, using only the best chocolate ingredients, makes it even more special. As chocolate gifts go, you can’t get better than these, and your recipients will surely agree.

So, whether celebrating a Welsh festival or Christmas, make the most of these handmade Welsh chocolates by gifting them to someone you love. You can find just what you need here, including luxury chocolate boxes and novelty chocolates to make someone smile. Browse the range today!