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Free Shipping on all UK orders over £50
vegan chocolate bars, presentation boxes, chocolate pizzas and individual truffles

Vegan Chocolate Bars & Boxes

Long gone is the world where vegans can’t enjoy high-quality, delectable chocolates. Here at Maple Gifts, we have an incredible range of vegan chocolates to suit all tastebuds, making them great as a gift or simply for your own enjoyment. Perhaps you’d like a vegan chocolate box filled with exciting chocolate flavours or a bar of dark plant based chocolate to bite into during a cold evening.

You’ll find chocolates of all different varieties here. There are Irish Cream Fondants, Marzipan Chocolates, dark vegan chocolate bars, and even vegan hot chocolate for you to enjoy! Just imagine sitting in on a cold winter evening, being able to enjoy hot cocoa while the wind whistles outside. The range is comparable to typical chocolate; only these have zero traces of any dairy. Buy vegan chocolate today for you or your loved one to enjoy the many sensations that true, high-quality chocolate can offer.

Vegan Chocolate Gifts

Luxury chocolate boxes make incredible gifts. Luckily, you don’t need to leave your vegan friends out of receiving chocolate – not when you buy from this amazing range of tasty vegan chocolate. Just imagine your loved one’s face when they open their gift to find something so delicious!

The range is simply delightful; there’s something to please even the most selective tastebuds, and we stock only the best brands. If you’re looking for a vegan chocolate box, you have plenty to choose from. For those who love a creamy chocolate experience, there’s the delectable Whitakers Dark Chocolate Violet Creams, which combine the richness of dark chocolate with the floral sweetness of violets. What about vegan chocolate bars? There are plenty of those, too. The Choc Affair Peppermint Dark Chocolate Bar comes in simple, pleasant packaging, unwrapping to reveal a bar of high-quality vegan chocolate that even non-vegans would be jealous of.

Most special occasions call for chocolate, making these a perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and much more. Are you looking for a gift for your vegan little one to enjoy in the run-up to Christmas? The Moo Free Milk Advent Calendar is perfect; on each day of December, your little one can get excited for Christmas with a small yet tasty vegan chocolate treat. Is it your loved one’s birthday? Make them feel extra special with a box of luxury chocolate, such as the Whitakers Irish Cream Fondant Creams. These are the types of chocolate treats that will make you undeniably popular! Of course, while buying chocolate for vegans, you can also treat yourself to a vegan truffle or Turkish delight. After all, you deserve a treat, too.

Your vegan loved one will be delighted to receive a delicious box of vegan chocolates to enjoy. Even without dairy, these vegan chocolate gifts ignite the senses, giving a beautiful mouthfeel and an unparalleled taste. We also have a great range of gluten free chocolate if you or your loved one cannot eat gluten, so check those out! Whatever type of chocolate you need for a gift or yourself, we have it here.