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Free Shipping on all UK orders over £50

Women's Tops & Shirts

They are the quintessential key to any outfit while also being a signifier of taste and fashion. They also seemingly have a never-ending list of cuts, designs, and fabrics that can make them make or break a look. No, we aren't talking about skirts; we are talking about tops and shirts. These items of clothing can be so simple and yet so understated that if you get the look wrong with one of them, you may cringe about it for years to come! 

At Maple Gifts, we are proud to have a wide range of women's shirts and tops in stock to help you make an impression in the workplace or when you are out on the town with friends.

We have some of the top brand names in stock, including Sea Salt and Great Plains, so feel free to have a look at our website here and choose the right outfit to complete your look.

What Style Tops Are In Fashion?

If you are a bit of a fashionista, you may be curious about the women's tops that are in fashion at the moment?

According to Vogue in the UK, there are a few to keep your eye out for and to add to our wardrobe! When it comes to women's shirts, the plain white option with a loose fit is one that will seemingly never go out of style, especially if it is made from thick cotton and also has a black seam. This item of ladies clothing looks great in the office or when heading out on the town and can be worn with women's dresses and skirts to add an extra layer on a cold day.

Next is the shirt dress for women, an item that can be as long or as short as you want it to be! For winter, this also has the option to be paired with a top blouse or another type of ladies tops to ensure you stay snuggly while also looking fashionable. As an item of ladies clothing, it is very versatile, and much like the plain women shirts, it can be worn with slip on shoes for a casual day look and come evening, it can be glammed up with some bling to help you bring the evening look to the outfit.

Now, what colours are on trend? Well, you can forget the standard black or grey if you want to look fashionable this season, and when you are looking for new women's clothing items, whether they are women's tops or women's shirts, there are two colours that have been seen on the runways over the last season. One is quite seasonal as Christmas approaches and is a deep, almost emerald green. The other has certainly been inspired by a movie that came out earlier this year. Yes, baby pink and even Barbie pink are on trend for tops and shirts, so don't be afraid to go full-on pink.