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Free Shipping on all UK orders over £50
Hand selected loose chocolates

Loose Chocolates

Chocolate is like an art form all by itself, especially when it comes to hand-selected, handmade chocolates that use only the best cocoa and flavour combinations, just like the ones you’ll find here at Maple Gifts. From delectable loose chocolate truffles to the sweetness of rose & violet creams, you can enjoy the best sensory experience all from a carefully put-together chocolate box.

With these handmade chocolates, it’s just as much about the texture as it is about the flavour. As well as beautiful combinations that make your tastebuds sing, you can also enjoy the texture, the hard exterior that leads to the soft, velvety middle, creating a sensation like no other – one you can only experience with a handmade chocolate. All of these handmade chocolates come in packs of six, the perfect amount for indulging in mouthwatering sensations without going overboard. After all, with luxury handmade chocolates like these, you want to spend your time on each one! Purchase the Mango Cups or Salt Caramel Packs today, and you will surely be coming back for more.



Handmade Chocolate Gifts

Chocolate is a popular gift for a reason. Chocolate gifts always go down well, as the cocoa treat is loved all over the world by both adults and children. Luxury chocolate boxes filled with handmade chocolate are even better, as they are more special than the kind you pick up at the shop. Instead, they offer the highest quality chocolate taste with combinations you could only dream of, creating an experience like nothing else. These packs of six are especially perfect for an extra special gift, as they give you a delectable treat in a smaller size, offering quality over too much quantity.

You can send these gifts to your loved ones for many types of occasions. Luxury handmade chocolates make an especially fantastic birthday gift, as they tell the recipient that they truly deserve a treat like no other. They are also a great type of chocolate to bring out during big special occasions like Christmas when everyone indulges much more than usual! You can even send these luxury loose chocolates by post to people who live a little further away so they know you’re thinking of them.

The best part is that the range here includes handmade chocolate to suit all tastebuds. Do you love creamy, sweet treats? If so, the White Chocolate Raspberry pack is perfect, combining the tangy floral taste of raspberry with the creamy sweetness of white chocolate. For those who prefer darker flavours with a touch of sweetness, the Dark Chocolate Caramel pack offers luxury with every bite. Can’t decide which ones your loved one will appreciate most? You could even select several to fill a chocolate hamper! That’s something they will surely appreciate.

Of course, while these handmade chocolates make perfect gifts, you can also enjoy these delectable treats solo. Whether buying handmade chocolate gifts or purchasing for yourself, these assorted chocolates will never disappoint, thanks to all the work that goes into each one. Looking for something for a dietary restriction? We also stock gluten-free and vegan chocolates so that everyone can enjoy the dark, sweet taste of cocoa!