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Jellycat Soft Toys

Want to buy your newborn niece a gift she’ll cling to for years to come? Do you like collecting soft toys and want to enhance your collection with something a little more interesting? Introducing: Jellycats! These fun, squishy toys are as fun as they are soft. 

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With their super-soft feel and unique personalities, it’s impossible not to fall head-over-heels for Jellycat toys. The Jellycat soft toy range covers everything from cute fluffy animals to woolly hat wearing avocados and delicious looking slices of brie. Loved by adults and children alike, Jellycat toys are beautifully designed, exceptional quality, and completely irresistible.

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You will find the Jellycat collection at Maple Gifts to suit you. Check out the Jellycat Books, specifically for newborns and young kids learning new things about the world. The baby books are particularly great, as they are colourful and squishy while also educational. The Jellycat Tails Farm Book will help your little one learn about animals!

Jellycat Amuseables are a particularly fun Jellycat collection. These interesting shapes are what make the Jellycat soft toys so unique! In this collection, you’ll find the Jellycat Vivacious Vegetable Pumpkin for those lovers of autumn, the Jellycat Amuseable Coffee-to-Go Bag for the caffeine lover, or the simply adorable Jellycat Amuseable Fried Egg, with its little face in the yolk.

If you love Christmas, don’t forget to check out the Christmas collection – many of them, like the Jellycat Festive Folly Snowman– would even make quirky festive ornaments! 

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About Jellycat Toys

Jellycat UK began in London in 1999 when the simple idea of creating quirky friends with high quality fabrics emerged. The idea was a toy that would make anyone smile as soon as they looked at it. Even the name itself – Jellycat – has an interesting backstory! The name was concocted in the mind of a young child. It’s everything the brand stands for; the whimsical, silly creativity of a child’s imagination. 

After the initial development of the Jellycat toy, talented designers throughout London lent their creativity to create the most charming Jellycat plush toys you could dream up. From there, Jellycat toys made their way across the world. Jellycat Inc was set up in Minneapolis in 2001, and then stores started popping up in Asia, Europe, Canada, Australia, and the USA! 

Looking through the Jellycat collection, you can see just how adorable these toys are. These curious creatures come in all shapes and sizes, from the charming Maya Octopus to the silly Winston Worm. It’s not just stuffed animals you’ll discover, either – Jellycat UK have a range of unusual soft toys. You can get a Jellycat in the shape of a pizza slice, taco, golf ball, and daffodil!

The out-of-the-ordinary designs are sure to delight you. Plus, you can rest assured that you won’t be disappointed by the materials used. When you buy a soft toy, the last thing you want is for the material to feel rough or not be squidgy enough, as they’ll only end up forgotten under your child’s bed or collecting dust in a box somewhere. You won’t have that problem with Jellycat plush toys. No – Jellycat soft toys are made of high-quality fabrics soft to the touch. Plus, the Jellycat team knows that many of the Jellycat plush toys will go through a lot, from biting to tumble drying to rough play. For this reason, the stitching is high-quality to ensure the fluff stays inside, while the materials are hand-picked to remain soft throughout it all. 

Like most soft toys, you can buy a Jellycat toy for practically anyone – newborns, older kids, even adults! You’re never too old to indulge in something playful and fun. Jellycat toys are for everybody. Plus, with the wide variety of designs from Jellycat UK, you can be sure to find a design that suits everyone. Yes, even that one person who swears they don’t care for stuffed toys anymore! 

The best part is new Jellycat designs just keep on coming. Jellycat releases two collections each year, bringing you the best, most interesting, and loveable characters to enjoy forever. Whether it’s your little one’s birthday coming up or you want to treat yourself to a fun new friend, you will never be short of Jellycat toy options! Each design is so unique you’ll find fun toys of all sizes for all occasions. 

Even right now, creative Jellycat UK designers are working hard to concoct the next adorable Jellycat Bunnies or characterful food items. With a trusted brand like Jellycat, you can be sure your new soft toy stands the test of time while looking quirky and adorable. 

Digging for Jellycat Treats?

Our jellycat dogs will make a buddy for life. Cuddle up with curious Georgiana Poodle, fluffy Daphne Pomeranian, playful Jackson Husky and bright-eyed Otto Sausage Dog. They are all wagging their tails awaiting their next adventure.

Come and explore our selection of super cute Jellycat cats and dogs, it is sure to brighten up your day!

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Exploring the world of Jellycat

Do you want a Jellycat treat, but you’re overwhelmed by choice? Perhaps start with some of the classic yet still quirky Jellycat toys, like the Jellycat Backpack Elephant, which is perfect for those who like to travel around! It could even become your travel buddy. Or, for dinosaur fans, meet gentle Fossily Brontosaurus, who will be your friend no matter what. 

If you’re really interested in the more unique Jellycat plushies, what about Vivacious Vegetable Broccoli? This healthy friend will make even the most vegetable-phobic child want to finish their greens. 

Of course, who you’re buying for plays a huge role in which Jellycat treat you should choose. You want something soft and comforting if you’re buying for a small child or baby, and we have our own collection just for that. Jellycat for Babies will show you the best toys for tiny hands, including the Jellycat Blossom Bea Beige Bunny Soother, which combines a soft toy with a blanket. Your little one will love to cling to it while dreaming! While they’re awake, the Jellycat Peek-a-Boo Elly Activity toymakes worlds of fun, helping your baby learn the ways of the world.

Wanting a quirky ornament for your home? Check out the adorable, Amuseable Pair of Toadstools – two smiling mushroom friends sitting on soft mosh. Or, if you’re a foodie, you’ll love the Amuseable Pink and White Marshmallows, which come in a pair. They look good enough to eat, but they’re better for cuddling!

We even have Jellycats for special occasions. Getting married? The Jellycat Amuseable Wedding Cake is perfect as a wedding gift, and while the Amusable Diamond Ring may not be made of diamonds, it is squishier and would make an adorable and silly gift for your fiancé in the run-up to the wedding!

Our Jellycat dogs will make a buddy for life. Cuddle up with curious Georgina Poodle, fluffy Daphne Pomeranian, playful Jackson Husky, and bright-eyed Otto Sausage Dog. They are all wagging their tails, awaiting their next adventure.