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Free Shipping on all UK orders over £50
Chocolate pizzas

Chocolate Pizzas

Chocolate pizzas are quirky, fun and utterly indulgent! Packaged in their very own pizza box, our chocolate pizza range consists of pizza-shaped chunks of chocolate, topped with everything from fudge and marshmallows to honeycomb and jelly beans. Just like a savoury pizza, chocolate pizzas come in all shapes and sizes including 10”, 7”, mini, and by the slice.

From milk, white, dark, to fruity flavours and salted caramel toppings, there’s a chocolate pizza for every day of the week.

The Happy Birthday chocolate pizza is always popular and is made up of a delicious milk chocolate base topped with delicate chocolate curls, vanilla fudge pieces, chocolate rice balls, and has a white chocolate ‘happy birthday’ disc in the centre. If you’re someone who can never decide on their pizza toppings, you might be better off going for the Delicious Dilemma chocolate pizza. Made up of a combination of six best selling pizzas, including Crunchy Munchy, Jelly Bean Jumble, and Ultimately Orange, you’ll get to enjoy a flavour and texture sensation.

Simply can’t decide which chocolate pizza to choose? Buy it by the slice instead! Grab a Crunchy Munchie chocolate pizza slice, Devilishly Dark chocolate pizza slice, or a slice of Strawberry Sensation chocolate pizza. Now this is one takeaway you’ll never forget…