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Charlie Bear

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Is it time you explored Maple Gifts’ fantastic collection of beautiful Charlie Bears? Each of these stunning and cute teddy bears is made with so much attention to detail and a great deal of love to boot, ensuring that the end result is something you and any recipient you choose will adore. Remember that these bears aren’t just toys; they’re pieces of art that can last for many years and be much-loved companions for young and old.

Our carefully chosen selection of Charlie Bears showcases exactly why they’re so well-loved and have become such collectables over the years. Whether you’re looking for a special birthday gift, an extra special present, or a new addition to your own collection, these bears offer something for everyone. As proud Charlie Bear stockists, we know you’ll love the range we have for you.

The Charlie Bears Bearhouse Bears, in particular, are a gorgeous choice, but no matter what you choose, you’ll have bears with personalities, and that’s what gives them so much appeal and how they bring joy to so many.


About Charlie Bears

Charlie Bears is a well-known and well-loved name in the world of teddy bears, and this brand is certainly something special. It all started in 2005, and since then, Charlie teddies have grown in importance and in their range, and now offer a wide variety of different, gorgeous bears. With unique designs and distinct personalities, Charlie teddy bears are more than just stuffed animals that sit on shelves and get forgotten; they’re stunning creatures that people of all ages love. 

Each Charlie Bear is a handmade teddy bear created by skilled craftspeople with an eye on design and another on quality – nothing is out of place, and each bear is delightful in its own way, no matter what colour, expression, or style you might decide is best for you. 

One of the best things about this teddy bear gift is that they make the best gifts for children of all ages, and whether it’s a birthday, a special occasion, Christmas, or you just feel like giving your children something they can really love and enjoy, you – and they – will instantly know that a Charlie Bear is more than just another toy; it could be a lifelong friend and certainly will be something that lasts. 

At Maple Gifts, we offer a range of different Charlie options, from classic designs to limited-edition collectable. Whether you want a bear for cuddling, gifting, or collecting, we’ll have that bear ready and waiting for you; take a look at our pages, and you’ll know we mean what we say. 

What sets Charlie apart is the fact that they’re all different and all have their own personality. That makes collecting them a lot of fun, but even if you only want one, you can still pick the one that speaks to you the most. Browse the collection, and there’s sure to be one bear that stands out and looks as though it could be the perfect companion to take home with you. There’s going to be a Charlie plush bear for you or whoever you’re buying one for, and that’s a promise. 

A Charlie Bear teddy makes a great gift because it’s thoughtful. When you choose one of these teddy bears, you need to think carefully about exactly what the recipient will want, and you can’t just grab the first bear you see – there’s too much choice for that, and it takes the fun out of choosing. Instead, take your time until you find the bear you know they’ll love, and they’ll know you were really thinking about them. 

Charlie Bears offers an array of options for kids’ teddy bear lovers, and because they’re known for their exceptional quality, gorgeous personalities, and the joy they bring just by being around, you’ll be glad you chose one of these handmade bears to give as the ideal gift. No matter what occasion you need it for or who you’re giving it to, the fact is that by choosing a Charlie Bear teddy from Maple Gifts, you’ll get it right.