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Chocolate Animals

What makes chocolate even better? Being shaped like animals, of course! Looking to treat your little one? These adorable chocolate animals look just as good as they taste, with their quirky designs that bring joy to any occasion. Whether you or your little one loves farm animals like sheep, magical creatures like dragons, or wild beasts like tigers, you are sure to find the perfect animal shaped chocolates here at Maple Gifts.

Rest assured that these chocolates are both delightful in both appearance and taste. Choose an animal chocolate bar, and you or your little one will enjoy a mix of milk and white chocolate that delights the senses, with many of the chocolates made of only the finest Belgian chocolate. There are no other novelty chocolate bars like them! Pick from our brilliant range of chocolate animalstoday to experience chocolate like you never have before. We also have incredible luxury chocolate boxes for more mature tastes.

Chocolate Animal Gifts

These adorable chocolate animals make the perfect gift for a wide range of occasions. Is your child’s, niece’s, or nephew’s birthday coming up? One of our chocolate lollipops in the shape of an animal is sure to make them smile! Any of these animal shaped chocolates make ideal birthday presents, whether for your little one’s birthday or for a birthday party they are attending. If your child shows up to a birthday party with an animal chocolate box in hand, they are sure to be popular!

Speaking of present ideas, these animals made of chocolate are ideal for many special occasions throughout the year – not just birthdays. Easter is the perfect time to gift your little one a delicious treat shaped like a farm animal. Just look how cute the Emma Lamb and Chick chocolates are – they will match the Easter season while being a delightful treat for your child to enjoy (or you!).

Christmas is another exciting special occasion that calls for lots and lots of chocolate, and there’s nothing more magical than an animal chocolate box filled with cute and tasty delights. You could wrap up the Giant Chocolate Ladybird or the Milk Chocolate Down On The Farm Set to place under the tree, or you could fill this year’s Christmas stocking with chocolate lollipop animals for a surprise on Christmas morning.

Perhaps you just want to give a small but impactful gift, maybe for a teacher or as a thank you. In this case, an animal chocolate bar like the Giant Chocolate Dragon will go down very well. The initial reaction to such an adorable animal bar chocolate is laughter, followed by glee as the recipient realises just how delicious these quirkily shaped chocolate bars are!

Whether you want an animal chocolate bar or lollipops, we have what you need. The Giant Chocolate Sheep is a particular stand-out, with its adorable fluffy coat made of white chocolate and its face and feet made of milk chocolate for a little variety when you bite into it. For something a little more magical (and Welsh!), Del the Dragon Milk Chocolate Dragons are like biting into a fantasy! The cute box design is adorable enough, and inside, you’ll find milk chocolate plaques, which are perfect for your favourite Welsh relative or friend. Yes – these are perfect for children, but they also make great gifts for the ones in your life that are children at heart.

With such a wonderful selection of whimsical novelty chocolates, you are sure to find the perfect animal chocolate bar or animal chocolate box to excite kids of all ages. From jungle animals to adorable sheep, even adults will love these funny treats, making perfect additions to the most carefully curated chocolate hamper. If you’re looking for other mouth-watering chocolate treats to enter a hamper, don’t forget to check out our chocolate confectionary, where you’ll find an incredible selection of luxuriously tasty chocolate-covered bites!