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Free Shipping on all UK orders over £50

Novelty Chocolate & Sweets

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At Maple Gifts, we like to think that our selection of novelty chocolates is more than just a treat – our extensive range of delectable sweets is unique and special, and they make for excellent present ideas. Take a look at what we have to offer, and you’ll soon see what we mean; there truly is something for everyone and plenty of birthday gift ideas to get your teeth into.

Our novelty chocolate range is an ideal way to add some fun to your present ideas, and they’ll make any celebration a great one. From adorable animal-shaped chocolate bars to delightful chocolate lollipops, our collection of novelty chocolate gifts is second to none and just perfect for all ages.

For a truly unique touch, take a look at our personalised chocolate gifts – these creations allow you to add a personal message or name to the chocolate, making them ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, or really any occasion at all – a personalised giftalways shows someone you care, and when it’s chocolate, it shows that even more. 

Of course, ideal birthday presents or luxurious and memorable gifts for a loved one must include one of our luxury chocolate boxes – they’re sure to impress every time. These boxes are carefully put together to give you an exciting assortment of premium chocolates, and each flavour complements the next, so if you can bear to part with this, your loved one can indulge as much as they want. They may let you share, but if they don’t, why not treat yourself next time you buy some chocolates?  

The novelty chocolates we sell aren’t just your traditional ones that you can get anywhere. At Maple Gifts, we go further. We offer chocolate bars and novelty chocolate gifts with a unique twist, making sure you don’t have an ordinary chocolate experience at all – you’ll have something so much more. 

Or why not celebrate the festive season with our novelty Christmas chocolates and novelty sweets? These Yuletide treats are perfect for adding a touch of joy to your Christmas celebrations – pass them around your guests and see their eyes light up, or use them as stocking fillers for a true treat on Christmas morning.


Maple Gifts is a great place to find the perfect birthday gift ideas, personalised gifts, chocolate hampers, and so much more. Our luxury chocolate boxes are high quality, tasty, and different – what more could you ask for? Browse our wide range of chocolates today; you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s an animal chocolate bar, a sweet hamper, or a luxury gift box. 

Give The Gift Of Novelty Chocolate

Isn’t every occasion made all that much sweeter when the gift of novelty chocolate is involved? We think so at Maple Gifts, which is why we have a fantastic range of chocolates and gifts for you to enjoy.  

If you have a loved one’s birthday coming up, chocolate gifts are something that always go down well. Imagine surprising a loved one with a personalised chocolate bar or a fun lollipop in the shape of an animal; who’s going to say no to that? 

Plus, if you’ve got an anniversary coming up, why not surprise your other half with some luxury chocolates? Not only does the chocolate taste superb, but if you pick a chocolate hamper or similar gift, it will look great, too, without you needing to wrap it up, making it memorable and special. 

If there’s a better time to give and enjoy chocolates than Christmas, we don’t know what it is! Whether you want to give your guests something special or you’re visiting friends and don’t want to arrive empty-handed, chocolate is the answer. 

Got something to say? Then chocolate can say it for you, especially if those words are thank you. That’s because chocolate makes the best thank-you gift – so when someone has done something kind for you, do something kind for them, and give them some chocolates in return. 

Of course, there doesn’t even have to be a reason to give chocolates; you can do it ‘just because’, and that’s sure to make someone smile.