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Free Shipping on all UK orders over £50
chocolate covered confectionery

Chocolate Covered Confectionery

Want to treat yourself or someone you love? There is no better way to do so than with our tempting selection of chocolate confectionery. Including selections of marzipan chocolate, Turkish delight, chocolate-covered ginger, and chocolate-coated nuts, these mouth-watering treats are sure to delight the tastebuds.

You’ll find no better selection of chocolate confectionery anywhere else, and you are sure to find a treat that whisks you away from everyday life. You might enjoy a beautifully packaged box of dark chocolate cherry liqueurs, which come complete with a perfectly tied bow. Or, you may want to discover all the wonderful flavours of chocolate-covered nuts and fruits, perhaps even finding your new favourite combination. Also, you can trust that these chocolates use only the highest quality cocoa for a magical sensory experience. Once you try the best of these luxury chocolate boxes, you will be one step closer to becoming a chocolate connoisseur!

Chocolate Confectionary Gifts

When it comes to gifts, chocolate will always be up there as one of the best. Chocolate is universally adored, and there are so many different types of chocolates to gift to those you love, as you can see here in our selection of chocolate confectionery! Do you have a friend who loves nuts? A selection of high-quality chocolate Brazil nuts will surely make them happy. Maybe your loved one is more of a chocolate-coated fruit kind of person; in this case, chocolate-covered cherries will be the ideal gift.

In our selection of chocolate confectionery, we have chocolate gift boxes to suit all occasions. Is Christmas coming up, and you want to gift the best chocolates to those you love? The selection includes Christmas-themed chocolate confectionery, such as the Bramble Embossed Robin Chocolate & Shortcake Whirls Biscuit Tin. Not only will you enjoy the deliciousness of chocolate and shortcake, but you’ll also get a lovely touch of nostalgia from the Christmas scenery on the old-school biscuit tin.

These chocolates also work for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and when you’re simply in the mood to treat someone you know! If you have a quirky friend, you can choose one of the novelty chocolate gifts like the Diamond Show Cat Tin full of truffles. The unique packaging looks like a sparkling, diamond-covered cat, while inside, there is a selection of French truffles, each as delectable as the last.

Of course, the inviting treats of marzipan chocolates or Turkish delight do not need to be given as a gift. If you’re tired after a long working week or simply feel like you deserve a treat, then go ahead and purchase a luxury chocolate gift to enjoy during the evening! Let the flavours envelop your tastebuds, enjoying the sensations from chocolate-coated Brazil nuts or dark chocolate-covered marzipan chocolate bars.

Whether shopping for yourself or a loved one, you are sure to find what you need in our range. You can build a hamper of all the different types of chocolate confectionary or select the highest quality box of chocolate liqueurs to celebrate a friend’s birthday. One thing is for sure – when you choose one of these selections of chocolate confectionery, there’ll be none left before long!