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Free Shipping on all UK orders over £50 | Extended Christmas Returns Available until 7th January 2024
How to Plan the BEST Easter Egg Hunt

How to Plan the BEST Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg hunts are fantastic fun for the whole family and a wonderful way to start a new tradition. There’s no age limit on who can get involved, and you can make them as inventive as you like!

We have a brilliant range of Easter treats that will be perfect for an unforgettable egg hunt, and we’ve put together a few tips to help you make Easter 2022 the best one yet.

Deciding what Easter Treats to Hide

Planning the best Easter egg hunt can be tricky, so it’s good to have a variety of different sized sweet treats to hide during your egg hunt - especially if you’re hiding eggs for older children. These bright foiled Easter eggs will be trickier to spot than larger eggs, and are ideal if you’re hiding for a crowd.


If you’re hosting an egg hunt, our Egg Hunt This Way sign can help make sure everyone knows where the big event will take place (and it makes a gorgeous Easter decoration too!).

We can never guarantee sunshine on Easter Sunday, but if dry weather does appear, these adorable foiled chocolate carrots will look super cute popped in a couple of plant pots.

foiled chocolate carrots

Once you’ve decided what to hide, make sure you plan your egg hunt before the big day. It may seem like a small task, but it can be surprisingly difficult to think of original hiding places! Make yourself a list a few days before, and you’ll have all the treats hidden in super quick time on Easter Sunday.

Easter Egg Hunts for Younger Children

For younger children to have the best Easter egg hunt, instead of simply asking them to find their eggs, why not make the hunt a little more interesting? Play a game of hot and cold as the children are looking to help guide them in the right direction. If they get close, shout warm, and as they get closer, they are getting hotter, hot, boiling!

Colour coding Easter eggs is another fab way to help children look more carefully. Give everyone participating their own colour, and ask them to only look for eggs that match their colour. This is a great way to make sure the treats are evenly distributed too. 

Bunny go round chocolate bunnies

All children love surprises, so make sure you hide more than just eggs! Our cheeky chick lolly, chocolate dancing bunny, and chocolate bunny go round are Easter treats your little ones will love. 

Easter Egg Hunts for Older Children 

Add a few more elements to make your Easter Egg Hunt more interactive. You could write a short poem to describe different items in the house, and tell children that they’ll find their egg by that item! It doesn’t have to be complicated. Even a simple rhyme can make an egg hunt that little bit more exciting.

If poems or riddles aren’t your thing, why not stick a letter on each hidden egg. Once children have found all of the eggs, they need to rearrange them to spell a word or message!

You could even add little tasks to each of your eggs (just written on a piece of paper), and ask each child to complete the task before they move onto the next egg. Tasks could be anything from ‘tell a joke’, to ‘do 5 hops like the Easter bunny’, or ‘say the alphabet backwards’! If children manage to complete all of the tasks, they could be given a larger Easter prize, like one of our Jellycat bunnies.

Jellycat bunnies

Easter Egg Hunts Adults can Enjoy

If you’re hosting an Easter get together, why not create an Easter egg hunt everyone can enjoy? Split the group into pairs of one adult and one child (or more). Blindfold the adult and ask the children to direct the adult to collect each egg! Just make sure you’ve got a room big enough for a few bumps…

easter chocolate pizza

Reverse the roles and let children hide the eggs for adults to find (but make sure you’ve accounted for a few eggs to go ‘missing’ while the hiding is taking place!).

delicious Easter chocolates

Easter Egg Hunts aren’t just for kids - who doesn’t love finding hidden chocolate around the house?! If you’re going to do an adult egg hunt, you don’t even have to hide eggs! Why not hide some solid chocolate hot cross buns, a box of delicious Easter chocolates, or a scrummy chocolate pizza?

Easter Hunts that aren’t all about Chocolate

Of course, we think everyone deserves to indulge in some delicious chocolate at Easter, but if you’d like to extend an Easter hunt without giving too much chocolate away, we’ve got a range of smaller gifts that could be just the ticket.

rockahula easter collection

As well as the Jellycat Easter range, we’ve got cute accessories from Rockahula, including these Rockahula Bunny Pom Pom Clips, and this Tender Leaf tic-tac-toe game.

You could always add a few Easter jokes around the egg-hunt arena to help keep everyone smiling. After all, Easter puns are always a good yolk!

Easter Gifts for Everyone

Easter is one of our favourite holidays at Maple, and we are thrilled with this year’s selection of chocolate and gifts. As well as our half eggs filled with decadent Easter chocolates (available in milk, white and dark), we’ve got a selection of Easter chocolate slabs, and Easter hot chocolates. Once you’ve tried Easter chocolates from our range, you won’t ever look at supermarket eggs again… Go on, treat yourself to an egg-stra special Easter gift!

easter hot chocolate bombes

Last chance for Easter!

Although we can never guarantee delivery for a specific date, if you order By FRIDAY 8TH APRIL, there’s a good chance that your order will arrive in time for Easter. 

Browse our Easter range online now!

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