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Free Shipping on all UK orders over £50 | Extended Christmas Returns Available until 7th January 2024
jellycat my best pet book and dinosaur soft toy gift babies children buy online at maple

Jellycat Toys And Books - The Ultimate Gift To Grow Up With

Everyone loves a baby

If there’s one shopping trip we all secretly relish, it’s choosing a special something for a new bundle of joy. The universal appeal of Jellycat toys and books has deservedly earnt them the top spot on the wish lists of all new parents – and with good reason. Coveted by babies, toddlers and bigger kids like us, these are gifts to
cherish – luxuriously soft, adorably cute and made to last for a lifetime of little hands and hugs.

 jellycat if i were a monkey book gift babies children buy online at maple

There’s something in it for the grown-ups, too; Jellycat’s soft toys are not just a tasteful addition to any nursery but an affordable one too, and in the likely event that they become your tot’s choice of round-the-clock companion, they’ll look great on every page of the family photo album!

The Science Bit

Sleep deprived parents rejoice! Jellycat toys make for the perfect comfort object or ‘lovey’, reassuring and soothing little ones with a familiar feel, smell and touch through times of transition and even long nights. For tots, holding their special toy just feels good – and might be just what they need to drift off at the end of a busy day.

Jellycat Unicorn Dreams Book Gift For Children Buy Online At Maple

The huge variety of Jellycat keepsakes and tactile books is educational, too – encouraging vocabulary-building, colour recognition and imaginative play, and teaching toddlers their aubergines from their avocados and crabs from their chameleons.

Our Insider Tips

Jellycat toys are so gorgeously soft that they might well become your child’s permanent sidekick, so it wouldn’t hurt to have a spare to hand to avoid undue trauma on laundry day or – dare we even say it – if the original gets lost.
A helpful hack from us: If you do decide to enlist a back-up option, your little investigator will be primed to spot imposters! Rotate toys from the start so that they’re equally loved, scented and familiar to your dainty detective.

All that remains is to choose a cherished chum. When it comes to Jellycat toys and books we really do have something to win every heart - and drawing up a shortlist is no easy feat. Here are some of our favourites.

Adorable Animals

Undoubtedly Jellycat’s greatest hit, the classic Bashful Bunny now comes in a huge range of sophisticated colourways and versions including a Bashful Bunny Grabber, a Shooshu Bunny Soother and a Shooshu Bunny Wooden Ring Toy – perfect for teething gums.

Jellycat Shooshu Bunny Wooden Ring Toy Gift For Babies Buy Online At Maple

Bang on trend and right in time for Rio Carnival, Fiesta Llama is a riot of colour and ready to party! In two sizes, grownups can enjoy one too – this fluffy rainbow reveller will befriend the whole family.

And meet Cyril Sloth, undoubtedly the animal of the moment – but don’t worry, this guy isn’t going anywhere in a hurry. We can only hope he might slow our toddlers down a bit too!

Hipster Houseplants

Another trendy triumph! Jellycat have cottoned on to the popularity of plants with a range of huggable horticulture including their Amuseable Silly Succulent Aloe and even an Amuseable Daffodil, just in time for St David’s Day.

Jellycat Amuseable Daffodil Soft Toy Plant Buy Online At Maple

Loveable Literature

As well as plush pals, Jellycat makes beautiful books. The Tails range (like this splashtastic Sea Tails book) offers touchable textures and entertaining embellishments perfect for chomping cherubs, while robust board pages make ‘If I were a whale’ perfect for boisterous babies.

Jellycat If I were a Whale Book For Children Buy Online At Maple

Brunch Buddies

It’s the most important meal of the day – and now breakfast has never looked so inviting. Morning person or not, our Jellycat Amuseable Boiled Egg cannot fail to put a smile on every face – and better yet, Amuseable Avocado has even got ‘Veganuary’ covered!

jellycat amuseable croissant soft toy gift buy online at maple

If continental breakfasts are more your style, then this warm Amuseable Croissant can be served smiling at any time of day. And you’ll always have room for an extra helping.

Decisions, decisions

 Jellycat Amuseable Succulents Soft Toys Baby Gifts Buy Online At Maple

Whether you opt for a Jellycat classic bashful bunny, some friendly food or a happy houseplant, you can rest assured that you will be choosing a lasting gift with sentimental value (as well as strategic sleep importance!).

Shop our full range of Jellycat Soft Toys And Books

Jellycat My Best Pet Book Dinosaur Toy Gift For Babies Buy Online At Maple

You can shop our full range of Jellycat toys and books here.

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