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The Gift of Nomination During Lockdown

The Gift of Nomination During Lockdown

There are many ways to show someone you are thinking of them. Cake, flowers and wine to name a few, but how about giving the gift of Nomination? A present that will last long after the words ‘lock down’ have faded from our minds.

Stay At Home 

The most important message through all of this has been to stay at home! I know lots of us have sorted through cupboards we'd probably forgotten existed before lock down! Celebrate and enjoy your new found time spent at home.

Thank You NHS and All Key Workers 

There are many people who are working hard in the fight against Covid-19. Putting themselves at risk for the greater good, what a wonderful thing to do.



Virtual Chats

We are unable to see all the people that we usually would at the moment. Perhaps you are used to meeting a particular friend for a coffee each week? Maybe you miss meeting your friends at the local running club? I know many are missing special family members, some of whom you usually see every day.



Learning Something New

With much more time on our hands for a lot of us, this has been a really great opportunity to learn new skills. If there's a new art you have mastered, why not treat yourself to a suitable charm to always remember when you learnt it.



Lockdown Hunger 

I don't know about the rest of you, but I've found that I'm eating a LOT more lately! And lots of that involves ice cream as the weather during lock down has been SO glorious. This is a super fun charm that will make you have a little giggle!



Stay Positive 

Our key workers have been working tirelessly in the efforts to overcome Coronavirus and the symbol that has been seen the world over for them is a rainbow. The rainbow is a sign that there is sun after the rain and that things WILL get better. We think our rainbow charm is the perfect way to show a key worker you are thinking of them and that their efforts are appreciated.




This won’t last forever, but it is here for now. And to let someone know they are in your thoughts is a special thing. Every time they look at their Nomination bracelet and catch a glimpse of their special charm they’ll know that they were in your thoughts – and that is a lovely thing.

We can all get through this together if we stay positive and if we stay safe.


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