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Free Shipping on all UK orders over £50 | Extended Christmas Returns Available until 7th January 2024
What makes Frugi clothing so special?

What makes Frugi clothing so special?

To celebrate the launch of the new Frugi collection, we wanted to explore why Frugi clothing is so popular with children, parents, grandparents, and just about everyone else! With their bright, bold colours, gorgeous designs and good quality materials, Frugi clothes are easy to spot, and even easier to love.

frugi AW21 Incredible Journey Collection

Why are Frugi clothes so soft?

Frugi clothes are made using organic cotton, which is super soft and kind to skin. No harmful chemicals are used to make organic cotton, so not only does it feel lovely on your little one’s skin, but it’s also very unlikely to trigger any allergies. 

The durable nature of organic cotton is perfect for Frugi clothing because each piece has been designed to last - making them the bundle of hand-me-down clothes you really WANT to be given! 

Typically, the production process for organic cotton also emits less CO2 than traditional cotton, and uses less water, making it much better for the environment too.

Organic Enviromently Friendly Children's Clothing Brand Frugi

What makes Frugi clothing different?

As well as their sustainable focus, the Frugi brand aims to give children and parents something a little bit different - and a little bit extra! Loads of thought goes into the designs to make sure you get the most out of every t-shirt, jumper, coat and dress.

Two designs in one!

Lots of Frugi clothes are reversible with equally beautiful patterns on either side. For little ones who are likely to get messy, a quick switch can instantly get rid of any stains - giving you two wears rather than one.

Clothes that Grow 

The adjustable nature of Frugi clothing means you’ll be prepared for any growth spurts, and can simply rebutton the length of straps and size of waist bands.

Designs that Do More

Many Frugi clothes have tactile sections woven into the designs that give little hands a new texture to enjoy, and make each piece extra special.


Where do the ideas for Frugi clothes come from?

Frugi designs are made in Cornwall, but inspiration is taken from across the world!

Ideas for the latest Frugi collection have come from Sweden, and the journey migrating animals take across the globe. The Frugi team found out all about the wildlife, nature and countryside that makes Sweden so special, and poured all of their journey into the new collection.

The new collection is built on the colours and characters of their travels, like huskies, red Farm houses and gorgeous, rich, natural shades of blue, pinks and orange.

Why do we love Frugi?

We adore Frugi because all of their clothes have been made with love, and they really have been made to last! The littlest member of the Maple team would wear her Frugi clothes every day if she could, and we must admit, if we could squeeze into them we’d be wearing them too!

Robyn wearing the aw21 frugi watermelon skater dress 


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