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Emma Bridgewater Pottery - Shop Plates, Mugs & Accessories

Emma Bridgewater Pottery - Shop Plates, Mugs & Accessories

Emma Bridgewater’s hand decorated pottery has the power to make little moments magical. 

Each mug of tea, bowl of soup, jug of milk, or plate of food that you share with friends and family is important. Family is at the heart of the Emma Bridgewater brand, and it’s that love and warmth that shines through in all of their designs.

Where does Emma Bridgewater pottery come from?

Emma Bridgewater is a British company and their pottery has been handmade in Stoke-on-Trent since 1984. The brand began when Emma went looking for a birthday gift for her mum. All of the cups and saucers Emma saw were too dainty or too robust, and none were ‘just right’.

Emma’s vision was to create pottery that radiated warmth and love, and she imagined colourful, mismatched pottery displayed on her mum’s dresser. 

Now, Emma Bridgewater jugs, mugs, and plates are still created in a factory in Stoke-on-Trent. A team of dedicated staff continue to craft gorgeous pottery and personalised kitchenware that is perfect to be given as a birthday present for someone special.

(The Maple team with Emma Bridgewater at their Stoke on Trent factory) 

Emma Bridgewater designs

Since the very beginning, the Emma Bridgewater brand has understood that it’s the little things in life that are the most important. Filling your kitchen with pottery you love will make your home brighter and more welcoming for your nearest and dearest.

Choose an Emma Bridgewater design that makes you smile, and mealtimes will be a little happier for everyone sitting around the table.

Emma Bridgewater mugs

The gorgeous Emma Bridgewater polka dot mugs have been joined by a whole host of much loved designs and collections, including pink hearts, Easter eggs, strawberries, and many more. With each new collection, you’ll find a different personality, a different moment, and a new variation on an old favourite.

Emma Bridgewater mugs can be given as individual gifts, or bought as a set to give as an extra special birthday present. Our Emma Bridgewater range at Maple includes sets of mugs that are ideal for anniversary gifts or wedding presents, and are a thoughtful gift for someone moving into their first home.

Seasonal Emma Bridgewater designs

At Maple, we love seeing the new Emma Bridgewater designs, and our collection is full of seasonal designs that will make holidays even more magical. As well as the colourful Easter eggs collection, discover Halloween pumpkins mug, the Lovebirds teacup and saucer, and Christmas cabin mugs. Find your favourite seasonal design and grow your range of collectables.

The sponge printed designs are synonymous with Emma Bridgewater’s high quality, versatile pottery, and Emma Bridgewater creations have become iconic pieces of British pottery.

More than pottery

As the Emma Bridgewater brand has grown, their designs can be found on tins, storage accessories, tea trays, and biscuits barrels. Whether you’ve got a baker, tea pot, head chef, or foodie in your household, they’ll adore using their new Emma Bridgewater pottery.


Emma Bridgewater’s practical crockery has been thoughtfully designed so that it’s suitable for everyday use, but pretty enough to sit on display. 

Discover more British brands at Maple

If you love the artistic nature of Emma Bridgewater designs, and you enjoy discovering British brands, you’ll love exploring our Edge sculptures range. Spread your love for art around your home, and choose a new focal point for your living room with a bold Edge Sculpture that’ll get everyone talking. Handmade gifts are often the most special, and we have plenty for you to choose from at Maple.

Another British brand we champion at Maple is Gisela Graham. Gisela Graham designs pottery, accessories, candles and decorations that make gorgeous gifts and thoughtful presents for friends and family.

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