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Free Shipping on all UK orders over £50
Gisela Graham - Shop candles, decorations & tableware

Gisela Graham - Shop candles, decorations & tableware

Gisela Graham ornaments and decorations are distinct, chic, and always in style. With an unmistakable flair for colour, eye-catching design, and attention to detail, you’ll fall in love with each Gisela Graham collection.

Our collection of candles, decorations and tableware have been chosen so that you can fill your home with beautiful objects that bring you joy every day. Home is where the heart is, and there’s plenty of heart in each and every Gisela Graham design.

From delicate ornaments for your Christmas tree, to floral milk jugs, bright candles, and realistic faux flowers, Gisela Graham offers exceptional choices for your own home and lovely gift ideas for friends and family.

The makings of the Gisela Graham brand

Gisela Graham started her business after moving to London in her 20s. After marrying her husband, and having two children, Gisela’s passion for her business grew stronger than ever. Gisela Graham became a main Christmas supplier for Liberty London in 1987. Since Liberty London’s collections, Gisela Graham has gone on to become an iconic brand known for creating seasonal decorations.

From the early 1990s, Gisela Graham launched homeware so that the brilliant designs could be enjoyed all year round - not just at Christmas! Now, for over 10 years, you’ve been able to find Gisela Graham Easter designs, Halloween decorations, Gisela Graham Christmas trinkets, and everyday in between.

Gisela Graham is for every occasion

Whether you’re looking for spring tableware to welcome the new season, delicate and sparkly Christmas ornaments, or decorations to make your living space more luxe, Gisela Graham designs are for every occasion.

Gisela Graham has become a leading giftware company - and with good reason. Find a gorgeous gift for birthdays or Christmas and give friends and family a present that’ll add a little luxury to their home.. From novelty gifts to thoughtful tableware that matches their colour scheme, there’s plenty of choice in our Gisela Graham collection.

What makes Gisela Graham designs different?

Gisela Graham designs are always evolving and they will often incorporate trends of the day in the distinct Gisela Graham style. The ability to keep up with modern society and also create timeless decorations and tableware is truly special.

The brand has always remained true to its roots, and stayed within the Graham family. In 2022, Gisela's son became the Chairman of Gisela Graham, and took over from his father. At Maple, we love supporting other family run businesses, and as an award winning UK brand, Gisela Graham is one of our favourites.

Gisela Graham Decorations

If you love making your home feel special all year round, Gisela Graham decorations are exactly what you need. With a great selection of decorations to choose from, you’ll find one that suits your style in no time. As your collection grows, it’ll become easier and easier to mix and match your favourites.

At Christmas, Gisela Graham decorations will add a touch of magic to your tree, and your guests eyes will inevitably be drawn to the stars of your Christmas decoration collection. From traditional nutcrackers and fabric fairies, to quirky gingerbread shapes, intricate cakes, and resin dogs, you’ll find everything from the sublime to the adorable.

Gisela Graham Tableware

If you’d rather enjoy Gisela Graham designs all year round, the everyday collection is packed with inspiration. Mugs, jugs, and ceramics adorned with spring flowers, delicate faux flowers in pastel colours, and cotton bunting that’ll add a splash of colour to your kitchen.

Discover Gisela Graham at Maple

Explore our collection of Gisela Graham designs online and discover even more homeware brands that’ll elevate your home. Browse Emma Bridgewater pottery, Sophie Allport kitchenware, and so much more.

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