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Free Shipping on all UK orders over £50
Jellycat Plush Toys - Shop the Jellycat Collection

Jellycat Plush Toys - Shop the Jellycat Collection

Jellycat plush toys are the ultimate soft toy. You won’t find anything cuter, and you certainly won’t find anything more snuggle-able.

Once you get your hands on a Jellycat toy, you’ll never want to put it down. They’ll become your new best friend, biggest comfort, and greatest source of joy. With their unique (and adorable personalities) and colourful designs, Jellycat toys are the very best gift for anyone who loves soft toys.

Regardless of your age, Jellycats will steal your heart and capture your imagination. With so many animals and characters to choose from, you're guaranteed to find your perfect Jellycat in our collection. And who says you have to stop at one?!

Every year, Jellycat outdo themselves with more unique and quirky designs that reinvent animals and characters we already know and love. From traditional stuffed animals to more unusual plush vegetables, you’ll find a Jellycat for all your friends and family at Maple.

Are Jellycat toys all animals?

Jellycat plush toys come in all shapes and sizes. Far from sticking to the status quo, Jellycat can turn even the most un-cuddleable object into a plush toy that will inspire and delight. The Jellycat amuseable collection includes everything from boiled eggs and tacos, to rugby balls and cacti

Of course, there are plenty of Jellycat animals for you to choose from. A Jellycat bunny can be found in every colour of the rainbow, and Jellycat Bashful bunnies are a gorgeous and thoughtful present for newborn babies. They’re suitable from birth and will make a lovely addition to any nursery.

The sheer range of Jellycat toys makes them such a wonderful gift for friends and family because you really can choose a Jellycat to represent the personality of your nearest and dearest. Whether you’ve got a friend who loves avocado on toast, a family member who adores cheese, or a little one who’s obsessed with farm animals, there’s a Jellycat for everyone.

Jellycat Food Toys

It may sound a little odd to those who haven’t been introduced, but Jellycat food toys are quite literally what they sound like: food items in soft toy form. Jellycat may well be the only brand that could make a slice of pizza too cute to eat, and we doubt you’ll have ever seen a baked bean with so much personality. 

The imagination of Jellycat creators is unparalleled, and each item of food is more hilarious than the last. Bowl of ramen that can be taken to bed - no problem. Mince pie that’ll never get eaten - they’ve got one. Kale leaf that’ll win anyone over - we’ve got that too.

Even the pickiest eaters won’t be able to resist adding a smiling burger to their soft toy collection!

What makes Jellycat plush toys so special?

Jellycat soft toys are made using luxurious fabrics that make them super soft and impossible not to cuddle. With many suitable from birth, Jellycats are the soft toy that will grow with children into adulthood, and remain a faithful companion to adults (and big kids!) who love cute and quirky designs.

There are Jellycat books, as well as Jellycat toys and soothers for babies, and a whole host of fabulous seasonal ranges including Easter and Christmas. If you’re looking for a birthday or Christmas present, good luck gift, or something small to say well done, Jellycat friends will always be just right.

Where did the name Jellycats come from?

The Jellycat brand name was the delightful invention of a child who loved jellies and thought that adding cats and jellies together would be funny. It was, and the name stuck as a great description of a fun and lively soft toy brand.

The Jellycat plush toy brand began in 1999, and has grown in popularity ever since. Designs are dreamt up in London and across the UK, and best selling Jellycat toys can be found worldwide including Australia, USA, Canada, and Europe.

What’s the best way to choose your Jellycat?

If you’re buying for a friend or family member, think about their favourite animal, food, or hobby, and we bet you’ll find at least 3 Jellycats that match their interests.

If you’re buying for yourself, it gets much trickier. There’s so many to love, it’s impossible to pick just one. In which case, we think the best idea is to choose the Jellycat that makes you smile the most - and then come back for the rest in the future! 

Find your favourite Jellycat at Maple

We love our collection of Jellycat toys and every year we have more and more. Browse our website to find your favourite, and share the link with your friends to drop a hint! Search by Jellycat collection, theme, or by age range. You’ll love discovering all of the different Jellycat characters, and they’ll love you right back.

If you’re already an avid Jellycat collector, why not take a look at our other collectable soft toys? Our Charlie Bears range is perfect for someone who appreciates the wonders of soft toys.

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