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Free Shipping on all UK orders over £50
Nomination Bracelets, Charms & Jewellery

Nomination Bracelets, Charms & Jewellery

Nomination jewellery is elegant, eye-catching, and constantly evolving. Even better, their composable collection means you can personalise each item of jewellery and make it completely your own. Nomination jewellery is easy to wear, and can be worn day in day out to help you elevate your style and give your outfit a finishing touch of glam.

With Nomination jewellery available for women, men, and children, it’s the ultimate jewellery brand for the modern family. Add a charm to your composable bracelet to mark each special occasion. Buy your loved ones matching bracelets or statement necklaces that will remind them of you every time they wear them. The options with Nomination are endless, and the style is timeless.

Maple is proud to be an official Nomination UK stockist and we love chatting to our customers about the stories behind their jewellery. The customisable bracelets are a firm favourite with the Maple family, and we can’t wait to see what you create.

Nomination Bracelets

Nomination composable bracelets are synonymous with the Nomination brand. Designed to give their customers complete control over their jewellery, each tile can be individually chosen to create your own individual style.

Nomination bracelets slip easily over your hand, and can be bought in a variety of classic colours including silver, gold, and rose gold. Men’s Nomination bracelets come in iconic silver, gunmetal grey, or a deep blue colour. 

Once you’ve chosen your base bracelet, you can select as many Nomination tiles as you like to fill your bracelet. Once you’ve run out of tiles, you can create a new bracelet to mix and match colours, tiles, or simply layer your look.

Nomination Charms

Nomination charms are on individual tiles that can be easily attached to your base bracelet. With an extensive collection of stainless steel links to choose from, you can spend time creating your own unique bracelet with charms you’ve chosen yourself. You may know what charms you’d like to choose and decide to buy them in all one go. Perhaps you’d like to let your Nomination bracelet grow with you, and choose charms over time.

Why not encourage your friends and family to buy you Nomination charms as gifts on your birthday or at Christmas, and create a bracelet out of links that have been chosen specifically for you by the people you love the most.

The options are endless with Nomination bracelet charms, and with new collections released regularly, you’ll always have new gorgeous designs to browse. As your tastes change, your bracelet will be able to develop with you - or why not create a few different bracelets that reflect different moods or occasions.

Nomination Jewellery

Of course, Nomination don’t just limit their jewellery to bracelets. Nomination watches are compatible with composable links, letting you personalise your watch as well as your bracelets. Nomination necklaces can be personalised with colourful pendants, letter pendants, and cubic zirconia to give you extra sparkle. 

Be bold with colour, imaginative with your pendants, and symbolic in your charm choices, and create a jewellery collection that is truly ‘yours’. 

Nomination Milleluci Bracelets

The Milleluci Nomination collection combines simplicity and beauty to form jewellery that will always be in fashion. Layer the Milleluci bracelets together or wear individually for a sleeker, more professional look. Each Milleluci bracelet has been designed to sit perfectly alongside the composable collection, but it can also stand alone. The Milleluci collection is ideal for anyone looking for a bracelet that will catch everyone’s eye.

Giving Nomination Jewellery as a Gift

Nomination jewellery is the perfect birthday present or Christmas gift for your wife, girlfriend, sister, or mum. With the option to let them choose their own charms, or the ability to create a complete personalised bracelet for your loved ones, there really is nothing more special.

All the Nomination bracelet links you give to friends and family will remind them of a special occasion or moment you’ve shared, and a Nomination bracelet can become symbolic of every wonderful moment in their life.

Create a Nomination bracelet online and delight in knowing that you’re about to make someone’s birthday one they won’t forget.

Why is the Nomination brand so special?

Nomination has created something magical: a high quality, modern jewellery brand that suits every budget, and can be customised completely for each customer. The Nomination brand originated in Italy, and has become an incredibly popular brand across the world. Italy’s unique collection of exceptional design and detailed craftsmanship is combined in Nomination jewellery. 

Browse our collection of Nomination bracelets, charms, and jewellery online, and find your favourite today. Why not combine a piece of jewellery with some of our indulgent chocolates for the ultimate gift. Choose from decadent individual chocolates, novelty chocolates, or delicious bars.

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